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1. Characteristics of Injection Molding Machines

The maintenance of the injection machine in some ways the same as a general machine. Due to its characteristics, it has some differences with general machine. The general maintenance points are listed as below:

1. Injection machine is driven by hydraulic power.MII Series Two Platen Injection Molding Machine
2. Injection machine is for automatic production purpose.
3. Injection machine is fast speed production machine.
4. Injection machine requires higher stability.
5. Injection machine is the combination of computer, hydraulic and complex construction machine.
6. Injection machine is desiring very high safety requirement

2. Maintenance of Injection Machine and some key points

1. Maintain the oil temperature, clean the chiller periodically to keep the coolant pipe line in controlled temperature.
2. Maintain the clean and viscosity of the oil so that it could stable at high pressure.
3. Keep the machine out of oil leaking, even from inside of machine. Exchange the oil seals during maintenance period.
4. Maintain the hydraulic parts in proper condition. Exchange if there is any damage.
5. All the sliding portions, rotating parts and supporting points should be lubed by appointed lubrication oil.
6. Notice the different of performance. Check abnormal sound and repair the irregular at once to keep the stability of the machine.
7. Notice the complete of functioning. Any abnormal function or damage should be repaired at once.
8. List up the mechanical ability of the machine and keep for production purpose.
9. Maintain the complete data of the computer. Save up any change of file or record of maintenance.
10. Keep the surrounding clean and tidy. Maintain the temperature of the surrounding to assure the stable of the computer.
11. Do not attempt to alter the circuit or take down the safety doors.
12. Keep the machine clean and tidy.Do not place any other particles around the machine.
13. Electric safety check:The securing of the heating elements,clean up the ventilation port of the motor, proper ground and the earth     line secured, replace aged relay or coil etc.
14. Record down the safety motion of the machine as well as the checking of the electric circuit.
15. Record and keep the check list of the machine so that it is easy to follow up any default.

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